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NRF, RILA warn that new tariffs will hurt U.S. consumers

The nation’s retail associations are not happy with the Trump Administration’s announcement of additional tariffs on appliances and other consumer electronics imported from China.

“As we’ve said all along, tariffs are taxes on consumers and a drag on the nation’s economy,” said Matthew Shay, president and CEO, National Retail Federation. “While we are pleased that many everyday products such as clothing and shoes are not on the list, we remain concerned that other goods such as consumer electronics and home appliances are targets. And we believe that tariffs on certain machinery will make American-made products more expensive.”

Shay said that the tariffs threaten to hurt consumers, jeopardize job creation and increase the cost of doing business in the United States.

“Once again, we urge the administration to work with our trading partners to hold China accountable, advance targeted solutions and recognize the unintended consequences of protectionist trade policies,” he said.

Hun Quach, VP of international trade for the Retail Industry Leaders Association, urged the Administration to re-evaluate the proposed retaliatory tariffs to avoid punishing American consumers for Chinese mistakes.

“Retailers fully support holding our trading partners accountable when there is a proven case of intellectual property theft, but we remain concerned that many of these proposed tariffs will punish American consumers,” Quach stated. “Tariffs on everyday consumer products will hit American wallets, not Chinese technology violators, and the presumption that any of these targeted products could be reasonably sourced elsewhere ignores the complexity of modern global value chains.”
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