Best Buy offers new option for consumer electronics recycling

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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mail-in electronics recycling
Best Buy is accepting mail-in electronics recycling.

Best Buy Co. Inc. is making it even easier for customers to responsibly dispose of electronic waste.

The consumer electronics giant, which says it is the nation’s largest retail collector of e-waste, is introducing a new nationwide program that allows consumers to recycle their old tech by mail. It follows the April 2022 launch of a program for picking up consumer electronics for recycling at customers’ homes.

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Starting in April 2023, customers can order a prepaid Best Buy technology recycling box and use it to ship off old electronics items for recycling. Through the service, Best Buy will refurbish and resell items, or recycle them if they cannot be resold.

Here’s how it works in three steps:

Step 1: Customers can order a prepaid box from They can choose from two options. A small box (9 X 5 X 3 - $22.99), which can carry up to six pounds, or a medium box (18 X 14 X 4 - $29.99), which can carry up to 15 pounds.

Step 2: The box arrives at the customer’s home, and they fill it up with old tech items, such a tablet, cords, or keyboards. See the full list of products Best Buy will recycle here.

Step 3: Customers ship the prepaid box by taking it to a local UPS drop-off location or scheduling a pickup with UPS.

“We continue to build on our commitment to be there for our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their products by making recycling simple and convenient,” said Tim Dunn, Best Buy head of environmental sustainability. “Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do and this new service is another step we are taking to protect the planet today and for future generations.”

Best Buy builds on sustainability efforts

Best Buy is offering this new service is in addition to its recycling pickup program, as well as the Best Buy Standalone Haul-Away service the retailer offers to customers when they purchase a new TV, major appliance or select fitness equipment, and want to recycle the product they’re replacing.

Customers can also drop off up to three electronics per household, per day, at Best Buy stores through its everyday recycling program, or use the retailer’s trade-in program, which provides gift cards for items that still have value.

Since 2009, Best Buy says it has recycled more than 2.7 billion pounds of electronics and appliances.