Men’s Wearhouse study: The suit makes the man

Fremont, Calif. – A suit can help a man feel more attractive, confident, and successful in professional situations as well social ones. According to the findings of a new national survey of more than 1,000 adult males from Men’s Wearhouse and Kelton Research, a suit also has a positive impact on how a man is viewed by others.

Following are highlights from the study results.

  • Close to seven-in-10 (66%) of men say that when they wear suits, they feel more confident.
  • Sixty-two percent of men admit they feel more successful and more intelligent (43%) when they wear a suit.
  • Close to six-in-10 (58%) of men say they feel more attractive when they wear a suit, and more than a third (34%) feel sexier.
  • Nearly all men surveyed (92%) agree that when a man wears a suit, he makes a good first impression in professional situations, such as job interviews or client meetings.
  • Nearly nine-in-10 men (86%) think that when a man wears a suit, he makes a good first impression in social situations, such as dates or parties.
  • Close to half of suit wearers say they think other people view them in a more positive light (48%) and seem to take them more seriously (42%) when they wear a suit.
  • Close to one-third of suit wearers say that when they don a suit, people are not only nicer to them (32%) but are also more trusting (31%).

“What you wear has a direct impact on how you feel, and wearing a suit not only helps you look your absolute best but also helps you feel your absolute best, no matter what situation you are in, from a job interview to a first date,” said Doug Ewert, Men’s Wearhouse president and CEO. “Our goal at Men’s Wearhouse is to help every customer find the perfect suit for any occasion.”

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